Mike Deegan helps doctors set up finance for their private practice. In this series we talked about the dos and donts. In this episode we highlight the link between your choices in this area (finance) and the other aspects of your business planning.
If not implemented correctly, your choices can have serious consequences. Mike talks about the importance of a "holistic" approach, and the importance to involve your various advisers when you commit to a finance product.

Mike Deegan is the principal of Do Financial in Perth:


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How often do you review your Finance when you have obtained a loan to start your own practice?
Our guest expert on this episode of the mini-series is Mike Deegan, expert in Finance solutions for the medical profession.

At Affluence Private Wealth we love to invite other experts to share their knowledge in regards to Business for Doctors. 

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How do you go about organising Finance to set up a private practice? What are the obstacles and pitfalls to look out for? And how do you balance out what the lenders tell you...and what is good for your business?
Mike Deegan shares some of the insights he gained working primarily with Australian doctors, elaborates on how the 3Cs apply to doctors and how you can streamline the process of obtaining finance, without losing sight of the bigger picture.

At Affluence Private Wealth we pride ourselves in providing unbiased business and financial advice to Australian doctors, and it's always a pleasure to invite other experts in and ask them to share some of their golden nuggets of good advice.

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In our series of podcasts on Finance for doctors, we asked finance specialist Mike Deegan to give us 5 tips in regards to finding and putting in place finance.
Finance for doctors comes with a number of complexities, and over the years, Mike Deegan and his business Do Financial were able to fine-tune their own best practices and gather the right experience to help their clients make the best possible decisions in this area.

At Affluence Private Wealth we specialise in Business advice for doctors, and we love to invite other aligned experts to tap into their expertise.

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Welcome to the Money Talk Podcast series. In the next 5 episodes we will be covering various aspects of Finance for Doctors, and more specifically if you are planning to set up or expand your private practice.
There are a number of specific pitfalls and best practices to do this right, and at Affluence Private Wealth we love to bring in other experts and ask them to share their knowledge with us, and with you.

So in this episode we talk about the position of the Finance Broker. Our guest is Mike Deegan, principal at Do Financial and primarily working with Australian doctors, in the field of Finance. 

The interviewer is Kris Borgraeve, health industry journalist and communication/marketing expert at Digital Practice.


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In this podcast episode we are joint by Dr Jeff Livingston from Irving, Texas in the US. Intrigued by his thousands of Twitter followers, we wanted to know he managed to grow his practice from a small operation with 4 people, to a clinic with up to 20 jobs now. Starting out as an obstetrician, he's now also offering pediatrics and uro-gynecology under the same roof. Reporter Kris Borgraeve asked him how important this diversification has been, in the business growth process for MacArthur ObGyn.

To learn more about Dr Livingston's business, check out his online presence:


Twitter: @macobgyn or https://twitter.com/macobgyn

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/macobgyn


In this week's episode of the "Money Talks" podcast, we ask Chicago based plastic surgeon Dr Clark Schierle how he chose the niche he currently works is.

We're also curious to hear if the business potential of plastic surgery actually influenced that choice. And we touch on the topic of Business Education. Do American Doctors have more business genes when it's about looking at their practice purely as a business?   Interview by journalist Kris Borgraeve.

To follow Dr Clark Schierle on Twitter:

This is the final episode of our series around Business Planning for the Private Practice. As a Doctor, you may lose track of the business aspects of your practice, and we have covered the various components of your very important Business Plan in our series.

In this episode we stitch it all together, so you can start designing the future of your practice with the right information at hand. If you're interested to educate yourself even more in this field, please check out www.medicocfo.com.au. Yves Schoof is the host of a package of accredited online training videos, helping you to become your own CFO so you're totally in control of your practice.

To check out Yves' practice (based in Perth, Australia), please visit www.affluenceprivate.com.au.

Kris Borgraeve interviews Financial Adviser Yves Schoof on the topic of Financial Management for your Medical Practice. This is Episode 6 of a series of 7 episodes, designed to help you find your way around the business aspects of setting up your own practice.

Yves Schoof is a leading educator in the field of unbiased financial advice for Doctors, and the Principal of www.affluenceprivate.com.au. He's also the author of a book "Your Financial Health Matters", and the host of a series of online videos in the MedicoCFO accredited online education package.

For more information please visit www.affluenceprivate.com.au or www.medicocfo.com.au

This series of 7 audio podcasts is built around interviews with Award Winning Australian Financial Planner Yves Schoof, who works with Doctors, Surgeons, Specialists and Owners of a private practice. 

This episode covers the importance of future planning. Whatever the stage of your practice is, planning for the future with a "smart" plan is very important for your peace-of-mind.

For more educational content please follow us and click the social media icons on www.affluenceprivate.com.au.

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